Maoyū Maō Yūsha 1x9

Because, I am Human

Young Merchant learns from his sources that the Central church and Central nations concocted the heresy charges against Crimson Scholar as her work was helping the South being free from Central’s influence. Taking action, he has one of Scholar’s students, the Noble Youngster, help in his plans. Meanwhile, an Emissary of the church arrives to take Scholar into custody, unaware that she is in fact Elder Sister Maid in disguise. Before a huge crowd, she is accused of heresy, chained and tortured, as Hero awaits for the opportunity to rescue her, but just when Elder Sister Maid is given the chance to speak, she tells everyone she was once a serf. She tells her story of how she lost most of her family during her days of serfdom and until thanks to their deity, the Spirit of Light, she was saved upon offered a chance to rise and stand as a proper human.

Maoyū Maō Yūsha: 1×9
Mar. 02, 2013

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